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Wanted: Looking for travelmate through nz
Hi mates ! i have been in australia for 3 months now and arrive in christchurch on 23rd of january. I would love to travel around and enjoy the countryside, so i am looking for mates to join me. I ...
  • Christchurch City
Wanted: Wanted: Ride from Christchurch to Wanaka 21th or 22th of January
Hi there, I'm looking for a ride from Christchurch to Wanaka or at least in this direction... My plan is to be there for Thursday 22th of January evening. Got everything to camp on the way if needed. ...
  • Christchurch
Wanted: CHRISTCHURCH - DUNEDIN on Monday 19th January
Hi Guys! I am looking for a lift to head Dundin next Monday and maybe do some stop on the road, like Moreaki Boulders... I can drive, I have my international licence driver and would be very happy ...
  • Lyttelton
South Island (Christchurch to Wellington) 18th to 26th January
Hi guys, I am travelling from the 18th to 26th in the South Island. I have a car and looking for travel mates. I am from Germany and 22 years old. I am fun and easy. I am looking forward to hear from ...
  • Christchurch City
Wanted: Road trip in the South
Hey guys ! I arrive in Christchurch sme days ago and I want to start a 2 weeks road trip in the south island as soon as possible. I think it's more fun to travel with other people. About me, I ...
  • Christchurch City
Gumtree: Song Recording - Fun, Easy & Affordable Song Recording - Fun, Easy & Affordable
Voodoo Music Studio - Professional Home Studio Deals...   Fun, Easy, Affordable way to have a favourite song recorded. No experience needed. Record a song or 2 for family and friends   1 Song ...
  • Christchurch City
Wanted: Road trip in the South island
Hey ! I just arrive in Christchurch and I want to do a road trip in the south island during 2 weeks. I think it's more fun to travel with other people. About me, I am a 25 years old french ...
  • Christchurch City
Looking for travel/hiking buddies! From January 16th-?
Hello Gumtree readers! My name is Adam. I'm coming to New Zealand after two brilliant years in Australia. I love adventure, laughing with people, hiking, camping, wildlife, and all fun things of that ...
  • Christchurch City
Christchurch - Picton 13/1/15 - 15/1/15
Ahoy fellow travellers! I am arriving in NZ, Christchurch on Tuesday the 13th of January and taking a rental car (relocation deal) to Picton for Thursday 15th (5pm), and im looking for someone to ...
  • Christchurch City
Wanted: travelmates from christchurch to wellington / north
hello, i'm joe, i'm looking to share a car / fuel and fun to wellington. i will arrive in christchurch around the 6th of january. i am flexible with plans :)
  • Christchurch
Wanted: travel in the south island
i m french girl of 25 years old who looking for people who travel with , i dont have plam i just want to visit as much than i can during 1 month in the south island, i will prefer to sleep in freedom ...
  • Christchurch
Wanted: Travel mates wanted for camper van rental
Hi. I'm arriving in Christchurch on the 7th January and looking for a travel mate/mates to rent a camper van with and explore the islands. I'm in nz for 5 weeks but can be flexible with dates. Also ...
  • Christchurch City
Wanted: Choir/ Singing Group
After a Choir to join or some people to start a singing group with. Casually or weekly. Just fun. I have trained classically but open to anything.
  • Christchurch City
Looking for travelmates South Island leaving Christchurch Jan 02
Hey! We're a german and a canadian guy renting a car for 2 weeks from Christchurch on January 2nd. We want to drive all around the south island and visit all the main spots and finish in Queenstown. ...
  • Christchurch City
Wanted: Lift christchurch - Wellington
Hi there, we two girls both (21) llooking for a Lift on the 24th of Dez to Wellington. Of Course fuel care and many Fun. So pls contact us !!!
  • Christchurch
Wanted: Travel mate
Hi you all, I am ( m,26) looking for a travel mate to explore south island in the next week or the next for 4-5 Days. I will start From Christchurch and finishes in here as well. I am looking for ...
  • Christchurch City
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